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Medicare Advantage Cohort Infographic

Posted by CentraForce Health on May 3, 2019 2:31:20 PM

The Medicare Advantage Cohort is 65 or older, has Medicare and another type of insurance.

Sample Data From The Columbus, OH Area.




CentraForce Health’s Proprietary Scores

CentraForce Health’s 107 Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ Risk Scores and 25 Engagement Channel Preferences Scores provides powerful and unique population health intelligence and stratification.

RISK SCORES (1-100):

Precondition Risk Scores

At Risk Stroke 61
At Risk Cardiology 57
At Risk BMI 49 


Socio-Behavioral Risk Score

Exercise Risk 64
Compliance Risk 60
Hospital Utilization Risk 60
Medication Risk 51 

Social Determinants Risk Score 

Quality of Care Risk 62
Support Systems Risk 60
Social Integration Risk 48 




Awareness Preference  Radio 52
Interest Preference Collateral at Pharmacies 58
Engage Preference Cellphone 55
Social Media 52
Intent Preference SEO 60
Action Preference Doctors 71
Nurses & PA's 66 



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