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Ortho Sport Cohort Infographic

Posted by CentraForce Health on Jul 29, 2019 1:53:37 PM

The Ortho Sport cohort is active in sports and have been to an Orthopedist, Physical Therapist, Sports Professional, or Chiropractor in the past year.

Sample Data From The Columbus, OH Area.




CentraForce Health’s Proprietary Scores

CentraForce Health’s 107 Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ Risk Scores and 25 Engagement Channel Preferences Scores provides powerful and unique population health intelligence and stratification.

RISK SCORES (1-100):

Attitudinal Risk Scores

Self Medicated Risk 57


Current Chronic Risk Scores

Current Cardiology Risk 59


Facility Utilization Risk Scores

ER: High Visits 71
Hospital: High Stays 68
Surgery Center: High Visits 68
Outpatient: High Visits 65


Precondition Risk Score 

At Risk Cardiology 58
At Risk Stroke 54


Socio-Behavioral Risk Score

Alcohol Risk 61




Awareness Preference  Radio 51
Interest Preference Email 56
Collateral at Pharmacies 61
Engage Preference Text Messaging 57
Social Media 52
Intent Preference SEO 62
Action Preference Doctors 73
Nurses & PA's 69 



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