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SDoH: How to Build Policies

Posted by Stephen L. Newman M.D. on Feb 24, 2020 1:02:14 PM

In addition to affecting health outcomes and improving patient communication, CentraForce Health’s CDoH scores are designed to supply relevant information payers and providers need to build healthcare policies and programs - an explicit goal of SDoH. However, SDoH measures only provide information about populations at the zip code level. While this is a good start, most providers and payers need more cohort-specific insights. That’s why CDoH scores are multi-level and may be viewed at the zip code level, individual patient record level, and cohort level. For example, CDoH scores may be used to gather insights specifically about non-member Medicare Advantage patients in specific counties or to view the attitudinal risks of 60-64 aged members in a payer’s own member base.

Historically, health systems and health plans make policies and programs for specific groups of people, not geographical areas such as zip codes. For this reason, CentraForce Health’s Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ (CDoH) was designed to provide insights about specific groups of people, beyond their zip codes and explore the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to their health outcomes that can be directly influenced by healthcare professionals. To learn more about this process, how it works, and how it can be applied to your areas of interest, contact us for a one-on-one conversation.

Want to learn more about the CDoH approach? Download our patient engagement whitepaper for more information and insights.

Patient Engagement Whitepaper

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